Minister For Religious Affairs Commends Religious Leaders

PR – Minister for Religious Affairs Hon. Emmalin Pierre has commended religious leaders in Grenada for their efforts to use all possible means to provide hope to the nation in these very difficult times. 

Like businesses and public places, churches have also been closed as part of efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Religious leaders sprang at the opportunity to engage members for services and prayer via zoom, Facebook and other forms of communication, all in an effort to uplift the spirit of their members and to serve the spiritual needs of the entire nation. 

Meanwhile the Conference of Churches in Grenada and the Alliance of Evangelical Churches are also collaborating to lead a National Day of Prayer this month, a call made by the Hon. Prime Minister in a recent national address. 

The Minister for Religious Affairs is also assuring the general public and the religious community that the government, in consultation with the Conference of Churches of Grenada and Alliance of Evangelical Churches, is carefully considering reopening churches. 

A formal announcement will be made soon. 

Meanwhile Minister Pierre is encouraging churches to continue to use technology to reach people and to continue their regular services and weekly meetings remotely. 

Permission has been granted for Church Officers to provide counselling and other services to the community.