Grenada Receives Additional Health Supplies To Help In Fight Against COVID-19

PR – The Ministry of Health announces its gratitude to the Embassy of Grenada in Beijing, and Grenada’s representative in Miami, Ambassador Warren Newfield, for the large shipment of health supplies, which arrived in Grenada on Wednesday May 6th

The shipment which arrived from China, includes 15,000 surgical masks, 50 goggles, 100 Personal Protective Equipment, and 1,500 viral swabs—all procured through the efforts of Ambassador Abbie David in China. 

Also included were 5,000 surgical masks and 10 ventilators, through a joint donor collaboration between Ambassador Warren Newfield and his main CBI agent in China, Ms. Anna Chen. 

Foreign Minister Hon. Peter David, in receiving the supplies and handing over to Minister for Health Hon. Nickolas Steele, expressed his gratitude, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Grenada’s representatives abroad who have worked diligently, under challenging circumstances, to procure supplies and other means of support for their homeland. 

Minister David said “We are grateful to Ambassador Newfield and Ambassador David for their efforts in not only securing these supplies, but in getting them to Grenada. We have all heard the stories of the difficulties that countries have encountered in getting supplies delivered, so we must appreciate the effort involved in these donations.” 

For his part, Health Minister, Honourable Nickolas Steele, said that “today’s shipment, as well as the many others that we have received from different donors over the last few weeks and months, will go a long way in helping to boost the confidence of the general public, and more so, our frontline workers, in Grenada’s ability to adequately meet the demands of this disease.” 

Both Minister David and Minister Nickolas Steele expressed tremendous gratitude on behalf of the Government of Grenada, to all donors who have come forward to assist Grenada in its fight against COVID-19. They both highlighted the efforts of the People’s 

Republic of China, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Alibaba Group, Canadian Bank Note, National Lotteries Authority, St George’s University, WINDREF, PAHO, and all others, for all they have done in helping Grenada to meet the challenges of this public health crisis.