St. George’s University’s Decision On Student Return To Grenada Campus To Be Made By August 1

PR – St George’s University has determined that its students and faculty will continue with online courses and services until at least August 1, 2020. The school’s leadership, in close collaboration with the Government of Grenada, is continuing to evaluate when, and in what manner, it is safe for students and faculty to resume onsite operations on the Grenada campus. In addition to providing online courses and services to all students, SGU is continuing to offer ongoing support to those students who remain in Grenada. 

Grenada has been home to our True-Blue campus since its inception 44 years ago and SGU remains committed to Grenada and its citizens. The relationship with the government and people has strengthened throughout the years. SGU is enthusiastically participating in the efforts to re-open Grenada as the pandemic eventually subsides. 

Dr. Charles Modica, Chancellor of St. George’s University, stated, “It’s an honor for me to represent SGU as a committee member on the post-COVID-19 task force chaired by Prime Minister Dr. the Right Honorable Keith Mitchell. We meet weekly to discuss SGU’s plan to return and appropriate safeguards to protect the health of students, faculty and the larger Grenadian community when returning to campus.” 

Dr. Richard Liebowitz, Vice Chancellor of St. George’s University, stated, “Additionally, we are proud to report that almost 1100 soon-to-be SGU graduates are entering their residencies this summer, with 450 at nearly 90 hospitals throughout New York and New Jersey where the largest outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States has occurred. These doctors will begin their careers across nine medical specialties, bringing much-needed help to facilities dealing with COVID-19,” said Dr. Richard Liebowitz. “These newly matched students join many of our alumni who are already part of the heroic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very proud of our graduates and admire their dedication.” 

This unprecedented period of disruption, caused by the global healthcare crisis, is testing many communities with personal, social and economic challenges. SGU empathizes with the concerns of the Grenadian citizens and businesses that are committed to serving our community. SGU applauds the government and people of Grenada for having done a tremendous job managing through this challenging time, with public health initiatives to help prevent the spread of the disease. 

Minister for Health, Hon. Nickolas Steele, stated, “SGU continues to provide invaluable assistance. From day one, they assisted in strengthening the health system while at the same time ensuring that they reduced their burden to that very system. We are now working on the next phase, life with or after COVID-19 and the eventual reopening of the campus under a safe and controlled phased approach. This will happen when it is safe to do so and only then. The partnership of SGU and the Government of Grenada continue to work on that goal”. 

The University continues to provide professional expertise and medical equipment to the Ministry of Health which is donated to the Grenada General Hospital. SGU remains committed to helping the Grenadian community navigate the challenges of this global health crisis. 

Office of University Communications