Joint Statement By The GCNA And GCA

PR – In the Context of the present State of Emergency and the inability of farmers to sell their cocoa and nutmegs to the associations, the GCNA and the GCA would like to say the following; 

  1. We regret the fact that to date, the authorities have not given us the clearance to start buying the produce from our farmers/members.
  2. Nutmeg farmers across Grenada have suffered an estimated loss of 1.5 million dollars while cocoa farmers have lost approximately 1 million dollars due to the restriction placed on the associations.
  3. We have noted the entities that were given clearance to operate and we find the constraint placed on the GCA and GCNA for so long to be unfair, unreasonable, unconscionable and totally unacceptable.
  4. Our farmers and their families have endured the agony for too long and both the GCNA and GCA call on the government to address this burning problem urgently so that our farmers can sell their produce and receive some much needed cash to take care of their businesses and their families.
  5. Since the present markets for cocoa and nutmegs are under lockdown, we also call on the government for Financial support for both associations so that workers won’t be sent home and farmers’ produce will be purchased continually even though the major markets for our produce remain closed.

The Government was presented with a proposed buying plan and financing needs by both organizations and we urge the government to act swiftly so that a bad situation for the farmers is not allowed to worsen.