Trinidad: Confusion With Alleyne After Legal Letter

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Drama unfolded at the Caura Hospital last night, as Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne said he was told he could not leave the facility even after officially being discharged.

Alleyne was discharged following a legal threat by his attorney demanding his immediate release.

A pre-action protocol letter dated April 14 was sent to Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram by attorney Gerald Ramdeen. The letter took issue with Alleyne’s COVID-19 testing, noting that despite him twice testing negative for the virus, he continued to be unlawfully detained.

After receiving his discharge papers, Alleyne did a Facebook Live video from the hospital, where he ­alluded to a conspiracy by those in authority to keep him detained, saying he was COVID-positive.

After the Facebook Live, Alleyne (in another live video) said he was told by the nurse he could not leave, as the Caribbean Public Health Agency (Carpha) had made an error with his test results. He showed the discharge papers.

A very irate Alleyne said: “I want to come out of Caura, I want everybody to see what you doing me, boy don’t make me flippin’ trip here, you know!” Alleyne said, as he walked around the facility holding the discharge papers in hand.

Alleyne also said when he was discharged, he made arrangements with the police because of security reasons to leave the hospital at 10 a.m. today. However, he was then told he cannot leave the facility.

Two negatives

In the pre-action letter, Ramdeen stated that on March 23 Alleyne went to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, and requested to be tested for COVID-19, after being initially refused.

The letter stated that on March 24, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh himself informed Alleyne he was positive.

It stated Alleyne contacted his attorney and volunteered to comply with any directions of the minister and the CMO.

It noted Alleyne has been detained at Caura since March 24, under the directions of the CMO, being the Quarantine Officer under the provisions of the Quarantine Act Chapter 28:05.

The letter outlined the number of tests conducted on Alleyne: on March 29 he was tested for the virus, and on March 31 was told the test was compromised and no explanation was provided as to how this was possible.

It stated on April 8 Alleyne was tested again, and was told on April 9 the test was positive.

“My client requested to have sight of the test results and was informed that the results were always oral,” the letter stated.

It added that on April 11 Alleyne was tested again, and on April 13 he was told the test was negative.

It stated on this same day—April 13—another test was conducted, and Alleyne was informed on the 14th, yesterday, it was negative, but he continued to be detained despite having two negatives.

The letter cited comments made by the CMO at a news conference that the only way to know if a ­patient does not have the virus is if they have two negative tests 24 hours apart.

Ramdeen also argued that Alleyne had been detained for over 14 days.

He stated Alleyne instructed that he commence proceedings under the provisions of the Judicial Review Act .

The letter stated that should Alleyne not be discharged by 6 p.m. yesterday, proceedings in the High Court would have been taken by way of habeas corpus.