Saturday Shopping Day, Not An Affront To Any Religion

PR- The Government of Grenada is assuring the population that the announcement of Saturday, April 11th as the next shopping day is not meant as an affront to any religion. 

COVID-19 Response Co-ordinator, Dr. George Mitchell explained that the decision is based purely on scientific modelling which puts the contacts of those who have tested positive, near the end of their 14-day period of exposure. 

Dr. Mitchell said it is therefore critical to ensure that there is sustained control in the next few days to minimise the potential spread of the virus. 

Now that Grenada has the ability to test samples, Dr. Mitchell says it is also important that this period is used to conduct additional tests which would help to provide a better appreciation for where we are, with regard to the fight against COVID-19. 

Relatedly, positive discussions are being held with a view to adding another shopping day. An announcement on this will be forthcoming.