Brief Statement By Ministry Of Agriculture And Lands

PR- As we continue to join hands in the fight against COVID-19, I wish to applaud the efforts of those on the frontline in preventing the community spread of this virus, your effort is worthy of much praise.

I also wish to recognize the nation’s farmers and other stakeholders, who continue to feed this nation in this challenging period, being mindful of the need to prevent the spread of this disease.

I wish to remind all of us that these are not ordinary times, and the desire to strike a balance between food security and the spread of the virus requires tremendous sacrifices – abiding by the regulations, thus protecting ourselves, our families and by extension the nation.

Having listened to the daily concerns of the farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands continues to work with the National COVID-19 Taskforce, the RGPF and MNIB to address some of the challenges faced by our farmers. I ask for your understanding and patience during this difficult period.

As the Ministry continues to assess the likely impact of COVID-19 on the Agricultural sector, please be assured that all is not lost. I am confident that there will be many positive lessons out of this experience, once we adhere to the guidelines. This challenges, which we are facing offer many opportunities for us to find long-term solutions to some of the aging problems facing the sector.

Therefore, let us work together to defeat our common enemy – COVID-19, as we endeavor to build a stronger Agricultural Sector. My Government remains committed to playing its part, you must now play your part towards an improved Agricultural Sector and by extension a COVID-19 free state.

To my constituents, I wish to remind you that this is a difficult period for all of us, therefore I ask you all to be responsible and avoid the community spread of this disease. Remember to employ sound hygienic practices, maintain social distancing and to wear a face mask or some form of face covering when in public.

Let us remain committed towards working to a COVID-19 free state – May God bless us all.