St. George’s University’s Efforts To Protect The Public Health Threat Of COVID-19 In Grenada

PR – St. George’s University (SGU) continues to collaborate with Grenadian health officials during this global pandemic by supporting Grenada’s medical professionals to combat the public health threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Grenadian community. 

SGU has received approval from the Government of Grenada and Grenada Airport Authority to arrange an additional repatriation charter flight on Tuesday, March 31 for remaining students who can return home. This in-coming charter flight will arrive with additional medical supplies but no incoming passengers. SGU is making every effort to ensure the international SGU community does not burden Grenada’s healthcare system. 

SGU has made provisions for Grenadian students who returned home from the University of the West Indies (UWI), and other Grenadian nationals, who are not symptomatic to self-quarantine at the University Club for the government-mandated 14 days. 

“COVID-19 is a test of solidarity and, during these uncertain times, it requires cooperation and collaboration. Our decision to facilitate the UWI students and others stemmed from our concern for Grenada’s public health and how we would hope SGU students, who will become future doctors, would get support during these challenging times,” said Dr Rich Liebowitz, Vice Chancellor of St. George’s University. 

SGU has determined that no return to Grenada for students and faculty will occur before June 29. Before this date, the circumstances will be re-evaluated and a decision will be made, in collaboration with the Government of Grenada of when it is safe for students to return. SGU will continue to provide online courses to students through June 29 and has provided technology support to those students who remain in Grenada. There are no academic activities and campus operations have been re-evaluated to comply with the Work from Home Remotely government regulation. We have employed social distancing practices for essential employees who remain on campus and all SGU employees will continue to receive their full pay and benefits during this time. 

Dr G. Richard Olds, Infectious Disease Specialist and President of St. George’s University, stated, “The cost of not implementing social distancing even for a day can be detrimental to dense communities. If you wait until there are a lot of symptomatic patients, then we could see an estimated 40% increase in additional cases during the steepest part of the infection curve. At this point social distancing will be far less effective, so I commend the Government of Grenada for its efforts to enforce social distancing.” 

The Health Minister’s update to Grenada’s Emergency Powers COVID-19 Regulations aligns with global efforts to stem the spread of coronavirus through the power of social distancing. SGU remains committed to helping the campus and Grenadian community, navigate this challenge as safely as possible. We thank the Grenadian community for the continued understanding.