PAHO Apologizes For Numerical Error In Data Reporting

    (PRESS RELEASE) – We write to apologize and correct the error in the PAHO/WHO Representation for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Countries issued Situation Update dated, 27 March 2020 indicating that Saint Lucia have seven (7) confirmed COVID-19 cases instead of the actual three (3) cases.

    Pleases accept my sincere apology for the above numerical error in data compilation and reporting. Kindly note that the Pan American Health Organization Regional COVID-19 Report and World Health Organization (WHO) websites to date displayed the data correctly as reported. Our office have since changed the ‘Situation Update #8” and republished with the corrected information with only three COVID-19 cases from St. Lucia.

    PAHO/WHO will continue to work closely with International Health Regulations (IHR) national focal point and your Ministry’s to strengthen COVID-19 surveillance and response to obtain the accurate data with this continuously evolving situation.

    We would like to reassure the Government and the Citizens of Saint Lucia that our office will continue to provide technical support in the areas of prevention, treatment, laboratory diagnostics, surveillance and risk communication to combat this worldwide pandemic.