Prime Minister Meets With Political Leader Of The NDC To Discuss COVID-19 

PR – Prime Minister, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, met this week with Mrs. Franka Alexis-Bernardine, Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress to discuss COVID-19. 

Prime Minister thanked Mrs. Bernardine for accepting the invitation to meet with him to discuss this national issue – the threat of COVID-19 and the health and economic implications for the country. He indicated that as the leader of the other major political party on the island, she should be kept abreast of the situation. 

Dr. Mitchell shared information about the various committees that have been established by the Government to deal with the issue, which include a Health Committee and an Economic Committee. Further, the Prime Minister invited the leader of the NDC to nominate representatives to serve on these committees. 

The Prime Minister said, “we are dealing with a crisis situation, which no one is prepared for and we should therefore join hands together to protect our people and our country.” 

In response to the Prime Minister’s remarks, the Political Leader of the NDC indicated that she was grateful for the opportunity to engage him and that her party acknowledges the importance of working together with Government, given the unprecedented global outbreak. 

She confirmed that the NDC would recommend nominees for the Health and Economic Committees mandated to deal with the respective aspects of the COVID-19 situation.