Grenlec Apologises For Unscheduled, Unrelated Outages On 23 And 24 March 

PR- Grenlec is apologising for a number of unscheduled, unrelated outages on Monday, 23 and Tuesday 24 March that affected customers in a number of areas. 

On 23 March, some customers were affected by non-Grenlec workers trimming bamboo which fell on Grenlec’s lines. Customers affected were in Grand Anse to Red Gate, Beaton, Laura, Corinth up to St. David’s Police Station and including Belle Isle. This outage lasted 10 minutes. 

These same customers were again affected by a 30-minute outage at 11:01 AM on 24 March because of bamboo falling on our lines caused by the same bamboo cutting in Laura, St. David. 

Customers in Lance Aux Epines were also affected by palm tree branches that were periodically contacting electricity lines. 

We take the opportunity to ask members of the public to assist us by identifying trees that are close to power lines and contacting us if trees that are being cut are very close to power lines. Failure to do this can result in personal injury or in power outages that impact many customers as we have had on two consecutive days. 

In addition to the three outages related to vegetation, between 9:21 and 11:00 AM on 24 March, some customers, including some in Carriacou experienced brief outages resulting from generator trips at Grenlec’s Queen’s Park and Beausejour Power Plants. 

Grenlec apologises for the inconvenience to customers and assures you of our continued commitment to providing the reliable electricity you expect.