RGPF To Intensify Enforcement – Moliniere Road


PR- The motoring public is advised that the land slippage at Molinere have progressively worsened rendering the area unstable. Therefore, any decision to breach the security barrier is deemed to be reckless, irrational and a blatant disregard for personal safety.

Over the past weeks, enforcement efforts have resulted in several violators being ticketed and the use of video recordings have become important to investigations into other report cases.

Consequently, the Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force will intensify surveillance and enforcement action and firmly apply the law against anyone found in violation of the road closure.

Citizens are also encouraged to take responsibility for their personal well-being and do not allow anyone to endanger their personal safety by traversing the area declared unsafe and restricted to all motor vehicles.

Section 83, 2 (b) of the Road Traffic Act states that whoever fails to comply with the indication given by a traffic sign or notice, when a member of the Police Force does not otherwise direct, commits an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of five hundred dollars or to imprisonment for three months, or to both such fine and imprisonment.