R.G.P.F Preparation On Coronavirus (COVID-19)

PR- As the world grapples with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is reaping havoc in many countries with sicknesses and deaths, and can have an unimaginable impact on social and economic life, Grenada must be prepared should we have any confirmed cases.
In light of the above, the RGPF reassures the public that the Royal Grenada Police Force have structures in place to ensure that peace, safety and security are maintained.
The Commissioner has high on his priority the safety of the men and women of the RGPF and has made available necessary supplies for sanitization to ensure that the working spaces are cleaned on a regular basis.
The high command of the force has also distributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in an effort to mitigate against contracting and spreading of the virus among our work force.
A policy document for the organization has also been formulated and circularized detailing our responses to the impending crises.
Due to the COVID-19 threat, the RGPF will not be approving any request to play amplified music in public places and for other activities that cannot guarantee the six feet social distancing space, as announced by Prime Minister and Minister for National Security in his public address to the nation on the COVID-19 virus.
The Royal Grenada Police Force will continue to work with all stakeholders as we partner together and have shared responsibilities for the safety and security of our Country.