Statement From The Ministry Of Tourism And Civil Aviation

PR – The Public is hereby informed that the Ministry of Civil Aviation, (under which the Grenada Airports Authority falls) working closely with the Ministry of Health and international Civil Aviation Authorities, has strictly maintained all protocols with respect to the containment of the spread of the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS(COVID-19.) 

From the very early days of the emergence of this virus, the Ministry has directed the implementation of all health protocol issues to the Ministry of Health, which has been following the scientific directives of the WHO, PAHO and CARPHA. 

To date, there are no confirmed cases on island, but we know our vulnerabilities and as COVID-19 spreads, we have taken proactive measures to protect Grenada. 

A private jet which arrived at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) on Friday night was subject to the standard public health inspection. The plane did 

not come from the People’s Republic of China or any other hot spot for COVID-19, neither did any of its passengers visit any hot spot within the last 14 days. 

No one on-board exhibited any symptom of respiratory tract illness. 

When the passengers disembarked, public health measures already established were strictly adhered to. 

The Ministry of Civil Aviation, under which the Grenada Airports Authority (GAA) falls, continues to follow the directives of the Ministry of Health, and ensures that the MBIA maintains these directives to the letter. 

It is important to avoid panic and spreading rumours, which only serves to instill fear among members of the public.