Grenada Airports Authority Attempts To Clears The Air On Recent Private Flight Into MBIA

PR – The Grenada Airports Authority (CAA) assures the general public that it continues to uphold all national security and health protocols, as the country’s preparedness for the impact of COVID-19 moves into high gear.

The GAA continues to routinely accept private aircraft, once they meet the newly established criteria in this period of heightened awareness of this disease.

In this regard, the GAA wishes to clearly state that the required protocols were followed in relation to a private flight with Chinese nationals aboard on Friday, March 13th 2020.

Confirming the arrival of this flight, the GAA states categorically that the flight did not originate in China, nor did the passengers onboard have any recent travel history to China or any of the other countries currently experiencing a prevalence of COVID-19 cases.

Further, the GAA states that in accordance with international Health regulations and guidelines, this virus has infiltrated borders globally regardless of race and as such, monitoring and controlling the spread of the virus is prudent at this time.

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The GAA must get clearance from all its stakeholders before allowing aircraft to land and take-off from the Maurice Bishop International Airport. This clearance does not come from the Prime Minister as stated in recent social media posts. All airlines wishing to land at MBIA must first submit a flight plan and contact a ground handler who will then seek the necessary approvals from the GAA and the Ministries of Health and Civil Aviation. The travel history of the crew and passengers are considered before making a decision to accept that aircraft into our airspace. This aircraft, crew and passengers met all the requirements to land at MBIA. All the established protocols were carried out on Friday night in the facilitation of this flight.

The GAA and its parent Ministry remains committed in its fight to control the spread of this disease at all its aerodrome sites and continues to upgrade facilities, equipment, monitoring and surveillance methodologies in accordance with WHO and Ministry of Health guidance and collaboration.