UK Woman Who Spent 7 Days In Grenada Tested Positive For COVID-19 In St. Lucia

A female national of the United Kingdom has been confirmed as St. Lucia’s first Coronavirus case.

The confirmation came from Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George who said the positive result was obtained Friday afternoon.

“This case came in with a group and when they came in we did the necessary contact tracing for them. To date, none of the other persons who travelled with her have shown any signs and symptoms,” she told reporters.

“The patient travelled from the 29th of February from Gatwick to Grenada on British Airways. From Grenada, the patient spent seven nights in Grenada and then travelled from Grenada to Saint Lucia on the 7th of March on British Airways again,” Belmar-George stated.

She noted that Grenadian authorities have already been alerted.