Saint Lucian Nurse In Isolation As Per Coronavirus Protocol

(SNO) – A nurse employed at the National Wellness Center has been placed in isolation in line with protocols established by the Government of Saint Lucia in response to the infamous coronavirus (COVID-19).

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Sharon Belmar-George said at a press briefing on Wednesday that the nurse was isolated on March 10 although she did not meet the definition of a suspected case of the disease.

“We do have a person in isolation, she does not meet the case definition of a suspect case, but out of caution we have decided to isolate her and test,” she stated. “Because of her travel history, the number of patients within those countries is not high enough for us to risk it as a high-risk area so she meets the definition.”

Belmar-George explained that samples were taken from the nurse for testing.

“The samples taken from the isolated nurse will be sent for testing today (Wednesday) and we are using the normal route so I will not give an exact time but when it comes we can give an update,” she stated.

The CMO said the nurse’s travel history showed that she has been to New Jersey and New York.

New Jersey has reported 23 confirmed cases of the dreaded virus, while New York over 200.

Up to 11 people have been quarantined in Saint Lucia.

“This is an ongoing process because the Ministry of Health is being extremely cautious and persons who meet maybe close or not exactly the case definition we prefer to err on the side of caution. I do not mean that it is a case; it does not mean it is a suspect case but we are trying to be very cautious so that if there were to be somebody with a suspect case we could reduce the possibility of possible contamination,” Belmar-George remarked.