NDC Advises Grenada To Impose Travel Restrictions Amid The Heightened Threat Of COVID-19

PR- The Political Leader, Franka Bernardine, and the National Executive Council, of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), join the regional response towards the novel virus COVID-19’s global outbreak.
We empathise with the families of Grenadian students currently on lockdown at Wuhan, China, and call on Government to consider all options to bring them home.
To date, no confirmed cases of the virus exist in Grenada. We remain grateful and hope for the continuation of this situation. We note, however, that the new threat level declared by the World Health Organisation, presumes that all countries in our region are likely to observe confirmed cases soon.
In this regard, it is, therefore, incumbent on Grenada to formulate a national plan of action detailing our local response to combat the arrival or spread of this virus.
We remain concerned over the fact that commercial flights and private jet planes continue to land at the Maurice Bishop International Airport, from nations with confirmed cases of COVID-19. We firmly believe that the Government of Grenada must institute a temporary but immediate ban, on all flights and cruise ships arriving from countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19; with the exception of any necessary transportation arrangements for the return of our Grenadian students from China.
Failure to impose travel restrictions will, without a doubt, place Grenada at a higher risk and could expose our citizens to the COVID-19 virus.  We stand ready, to mobilise our membership, in any national effort, to reduce this international health hazard from reaching our shores.