Grenada Government Implements E-Cabinet

PR – The Government of Grenada is making good on its promise of Cabinet reforms to improve the efficiency of the decision-making process. 

The planned reforms include the introduction of a paperless E-Cabinet system and on Monday, members of Cabinet accessed their documents electronically during the weekly Cabinet meeting. 

The launch of the E-Cabinet system coincided with the introduction of the revised template for Cabinet submissions, which allows for the inclusion of evidence and analysis to support the proposals put forth by Ministers. 

The new system enables the preparation and conduct of meetings, as well as the issuance of Government decisions, to be done securely, collaboratively and efficiently. The web-based software for E-Cabinet keeps relevant information organised and updated in real time. It also allows for online collaboration among Ministers. 

Acting Cabinet Secretary, Ms. Ruth Rouse said, “An immediate benefit of the paperless system is the elimination of the need to print and deliver thousands of pages of documents each week, which amounts to significant savings for the environment and the taxpayer.” 

Prime Minister and Chairman of Cabinet, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, welcomed the introduction of E-Cabinet saying that as we move to create a more digital- oriented society, it is prudent that Cabinet should lead by example. 

The introduction of E-Cabinet and other procedural changes are expected to result in more strategic Cabinet meetings, with less time spent on routine matters while facilitating more detailed discussion on addressing Government’s development priorities. Ultimately, the changes are expected to lead to improved governance and the delivery of Government’s programmes and priorities.