Trinidad: After Turning Down Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal, WPC Shot ON Valentine’s Day, five days before she was shot twice in the chest, woman police officer Nicolette Persad refused a marriage proposal.

Persad, mother of a two-year-old girl, underwent emergency surgery at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Relatives said she was out of danger but in a lot of pain.

She was also interviewed by investigators.

The suspected shooter, a police sergeant, was arrested by his colleagues.

He was also interviewed.

Persad, 28, told police that she and the man attended a Carnival fete together in Palmiste, San Fernando on Tuesday evening.

The couple returned to a house at Mohess Road, Penal where the man confronted her about a text message.

The couple began to argue and the police sergeant allegedly took his service revolver and shot Persad.

At least three rounds were discharged. The incident occurred at around midnight.

The couple work in the Southern Police Division and are both licensed firearm users.

Police seized two guns and more than 60 rounds of ammunition at the house.

A close friend, who asked not to be named, said the relationship had been in trouble for almost a year.

She said Persad was unhappy and wanted to walk away.

“He proposed on Valentine’s Day and she said no. That was when he knew the relationship was ending. He began following her around, showing up wherever she went to lime, even at the hair salon. She was trying to leave and told him she did not like his drinking habits. He was very insecure. He would go through her phone and read everything. That night when they came home he asked her about the text and there was an argument,” the friend said.

The man has two children from a previous marriage.

The friend said Persad was allowed to spend time with her daughter at the hospital on Wednesday.

“She was asking about her daughter. The baby does not understand what is going on but she was very happy to see her mother,” she said.

The police sergeant gave another version of the incident, investigators said.

He reportedly stated that he confronted Persad about a text message and there was an argument.

The officer claimed his life was threatened and that was when he drew his service revolver.

Police said a file was compiled and submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions.