Trinidad: 11-Year-Old Pulls Knife In Primary School, Suspended, Runs Away From Home

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – An 11-year-old boy from Marabella was suspended last week after pulling a knife on his classmate at the Marabella Anglican Primary School.

His aunt told reporters that she received a call last Friday from the principal of the school. She was told that her nephew had placed a knife to the throat of a classmate and threatened him. He was later suspended from the school.

When he returned home from school that evening, she told the child that she was frustrated with him and would carry him before a court to be dealt with.

“He came home and I said ‘I am going Monday morning and put you in front of the court’. He went smoking weed with his friends, putting a knife to people’s throat. I said I am taking you to court because something has to be done,” she said.

The aunt, who lives in Marabella with five of her own children as well as four of her nieces and nephews, has had legal custody of the boy for four years. However, in this period, she said he has proven difficult to raise.

She said her nephew has had several incidents of delinquency in the past, including possession of marijuana. After he was found smoking the drug with friends, he was placed into the care of the Children’s Authority. Since then, he has been attending counselling sessions at the Authority.

“He doesn’t care, he don’t care. My home is stable, my children are big. I have five children of my own. I took in four of them. They used to stay in a home by a lady in Point and the lady said she was fed up so I took them. They are my nieces and nephews. He has a mind of his own. Their mother and father are delinquent,” she said.

She said after speaking to him last Friday after his suspension, he left her home on Saturday morning. When she returned home from work that evening, he was nowhere to be found.

She then contacted the police who began searching for him but could not find him.

The aunt told the Express yesterday that her nephew was brought back to his old school by his mother. The principal of the school contacted the Marabella Police Station where he was taken to await her.