Tribute By Dr. The Right Honourable Keith Mitchell On The Passing Of Mr. Andre Cherman, Chairman And Managing Director Of Coyaba Hotel

It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of a Grenadian stalwart, Mr. Andre Cherman, Chairman and Managing Director of Coyaba Hotel, Grenada. There are no words to express the void left and felt by his passing, especially since only a few months ago, the nation grieved with him and his family, on the passing of his younger brother. 

The Cherman family has been a fixture in Grenada’s tourism industry for many, many years, and we owe them a depth of gratitude, for their commitment and tireless efforts toward national development. Whether the economy was flourishing or not, they persevered, with true Grenadian grit and spirit. 

For his part, Andre was always smiling, through whatever the challenge. His pleasant disposition and positive attitude were endearing. At every meeting I had with him, he always expressed his desire to assist in any way, and he was always true to his word. 

I recall with fondness, my mother’s 95th birthday, when through unsolicited generosity, he hosted a surprise birthday party for her, free of charge, even though we were prepared to pay for everything. He refused to accept the money. I remember him telling me “A 95th birthday is an honour to see and to host…and at that age, it is priceless, especially for a woman who has given this country so much.” Andre, my family thanks you and will always remember you for that lovely gift. 

On a national level, we must celebrate and recall what his life and sustained service meant to all of us – locals and visitors alike. Grenada is better for having the investment and love of the Cherman family. We will remember that gentle spirit, that gracious smile and that positive attitude, forever. 

Grenada has lost a dear son, and we will miss you. But now that you have made this transition, may you rest comfortably in Abraham’s bosom. 

On behalf of the Government and People of Grenada, I express heartfelt sympathy to your wife Mary, your daughters and the rest of your family and friends.