Trinidad: Missing Man Emerges From Forest With An Incredible Story

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Shane Ramjattan, the missing father of two, has emerged from the forest telling an incredible story of being abducted, beaten and a trip to Venezuela.

Ramjattan, 24, was blindfolded and dropped off along the Penal Rock Road at daybreak on Saturday.

Residents who recognised Ramjattan from media reports contacted his family.

He was picked up by his father, Ramesh Ramjattan, and taken to the Penal Police Station.

The older Ramjattan said his son told a story of his ordeal which began with what he believed was a road rage incident on Wednesday night.

Ramjattan, a salesman, said after leaving his father at a bar in Penal he was driving home when he observed a vehicle close behind.

“He said he pulled aside for the vehicle to pass but it just pulled in front of him. My son tried to pull away but he touched the car. He came out and noticed it was a minor hit so he offered the driver, an elderly man, $300. But the man said no he wanted $500. My son had $7,000 which he won from playing roulette machines and he went to get the money inside the van. But two men came out of the car and grabbed him,” he said.

Ramjattan said his son was placed inside the car and one of the men took control of his van.

“He told me they blindfolded him with a jersey and took him into the forest in a camp. He said two of the men were speaking Spanish. But the driver of the car was East Indian. My son said he was hit a few times and then tied up. He was not fed until Friday night. But he said something that was scary. My son said the next day the men put him in a boat and they went out at sea. He thinks it was in Venezuelan water. There were other people on the boat including women. The Spanish speaking men threatened to chop off their heads if they fought back. My son said he couldn’t see anything but he heard a woman scream and then a splash. He thinks they threw her overboard. Then they came back to the bush camp,” he said.

Ramjattan said some time in the early hours of Saturday morning his son was dropped off in a lonely road in Penal.

“When he heard the car drive off he pulled off the jersey from his face and saw it was along the Rock Road. Some people from a house nearby recognised him from the newspaper and took him in. They gave him some water and called me. I went over and pick him up and took him to the police station,” he said.

Ramjattan said his son was traumatised and had minor bruises.

“I am relieved my son was found alive and well. He is shaken and was not fed but he will be okay,” he said.

Shane Ramjattan was reported missing when he did not return home on Wednesday night.

She had met his father at a bar in Penal after work where they drank beers and gambled.

Ramjattan drove off in a truck belonging to his employer.

His mother, Radica Ramjattan, said she called his cellphone later that night but there was no answer.

The next morning, the vehicle was found in a ditch along ten-mile mark on the Penal Rock Road.

His cellular phone and shoes were inside.

Relatives and police searched the forest on Friday but Ramjattan was not found.

Ramjattan was interviewed by officers at the Penal police station.