Jamaica: Woman Killed In Her Sleep By Estranged Boyfriend

Father of the deceased

(JAMAICA GLEANER) – The kitchen knife used in the preparation of Sunday dinner at Neville Sinclair’s home in Brinkley district, St Elizabeth, became an instrument of death a few short hours later as it was used to slaughter the senior justice of the peace’s (JP) daughter, Nevia Sinclair, who was allegedly murdered in her sleep by her estranged boyfriend.

The suspect is now in police custody.

According to reports, shortly after 10 p.m., the accused killer broke into Sinclair’s house and apparently went into the kitchen, picked up the knife, and then went to the room where his 27-year-old daughter, a secretary of the National Water Commission (NWC), had retired to bed. She suffered multiple stab wounds.

Neville Sinclair said that he and his wife were alerted to noise from Nevia’s room and went to investigate.

“When we go inna de room, mi see mi daughter pon the floor full a blood and we see [name redacted] a run from de room.”

“While him a run fi get way, him trip over a iron board, so mi run to the front a de house and me see when him run through di gate … mi bawl out, ‘You really kill mi daughter! You really kill Nevia!” said Sinclair. The suspect continued running.

The distraught father said that the suspect called him back, about 10 minutes later, pretending to have heard of Nevia’s demise. Neville Sinclair hung up in anger.

The police theorised that the killer had gained entry to the house via a window over the deceased woman’s bed.

The grief-stricken father said that his daughter was involved in an on-and-off relationship with the suspect and had once lived with the accused in the nearby Hatfield district. Neville Sinclair said that he often visited their house to settle domestic disputes. Nevia had, on several occasions, moved out of the home she shared with her boyfriend but was persuaded to return.

“On de third a dis month, she again moved out on him and come back home to my house … . She seh, ‘Enough is enough!’ and dat she fed up and tired,” recounted the father.

When The Gleaner visited Sinclair’s house, scores of residents swarmed the property, many crying or frozen in disbelief as they took turns viewing the blood-soaked floor in the room where the killing took place.

“Is like we under a wicked spell fi start de 2020 inna Jamaica,” remarked a resident, who was clearly upset about the killing. “Dis is too much…the killing must stop.”

Sinclair’s murder occurred hours after a murder-suicide in Portmore, St Catherine, where a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier, identified as 33-year-old Doran McKenzie, murdered his partner Suianne Easy before killing himself.