Trinidad: Cash Pastor Says The Devil Trying To Make Him Famous

(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) — Third Exodus Assembly pastor Vinworth Dayal, who is under investigation for the source of $28 million he tried to exchange for new $100 bills on Old Year’s Day, has declared the devil is trying to “make him famous”, and with the support of heaven his church will not “scatter and fall apart.”

Those were some of the defiant words used by Dayal during a sermon before a packed congregation at the Longdenville-based, Chaguanas church on Friday night even as officers of the Financial Intelligence Branch (FIB) were busy counting money seized from the church.

“Good to see all the troops out tonight, Satan trying to make me famous, Amen, but there is more in heaven friends, more with us than with them, there is more with us than with them by the grace of almighty God.”

“You see that is what the devil has tried, the devil try to hit something and think we will scatter and fall apart but that word is planted in you. That’s when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

“We not in some kind of jokey religion friends, this is an apostolic church with an apostolic faith, this is the bible church.”

His every word was greeted with smiles, cheers and shouts of Amen with upraised hands as the congregation seemed firmly behind Dayal.

Just before the Central Bank closed on December 31, Dayal approached the bank with $28,046,500, in 29 boxes.

The money was seized at midnight on Tuesday by the FIB.

On Thursday, police searched the home of the pastor’s children in La Romaine and the church on Depot Road, Longdenville.