NAWASA Working To Address Its Piping Network In The Moliniere Area Due To Road Slippage

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is issuing a clarion call for consumers in the communities of Fontenoy, Molinierre, Grand Mal, Cherry Hill, Happy Hill, River Road through to the entire Town of St. George, served by the Concord Water System, to begin the process of acquiring adequate storage facilities, as it prepares to grapple with extended water supply interruption, due to land slippage in the Molinierre community.
General Manager Mr. Christopher has been on the ground on a regular basis with his Engineers. Today Monday January 6th, 2020, Mr. Husbands was joined by Deputy Chairman of NAWASA’s Board of Directors Mr. Ferron Lowe, Board Director Mr. Christopher De Allie, Legal Counsel Ms. Dennies Burris, Engineer Dave Marquez and Communications Supervisor Mrs. Jamila Samuel on another tour of the affected area.
• Engineers have been onsite daily and initial assessment conducted on where the slide is likely to occur.
• A ‘bypass’ was considered in the short term, and pipes brought onsite to facilitate the process. The extent of the slide will determine where the pipes can be laid.
• Further assessment revealed that due to continued road deterioration, a ‘bypass’ is not feasible at this time. NAWASA does not believe it is prudent to run new infrastructure in the area.
• In the long term, NAWASA will have all pipes removed and the network rerouted. Rerouting will take months to be completed, as it will be a completely new infrastructure.
• Engineers will continue to monitor and assess the situation with the intention of having minimal interruptions in water supply
• NAWASA therefore reminds consumers to be affected of their responsibility to ensure that storage facilities are either procured or functional but filled to capacity representing 35 gallons of water, per person, per day for a three-day period at minimum.
• Consumers are also advised that water tankers will be not able to serve the over 2000 consumers daily and therefore it is imperative that water storage be top priority.
A ten-inch water main from the Concord Water Treatment Plant serves the affected Molinierre community and extends through to the entire Town of St. George and River Road.