Trinidad: Heart Patient Dies, A Day After ‘He Came Back From The Dead’

(TRINIDAD GUARDIAN) – THE joy the Khan family of San Fernando experienced when Ahamad Khan “came back from the dead” on Boxing night was short-lived.

Khan died on Friday and was buried on Saturday, according to Muslim rites.

His son Zahir confirmed to Newsday the funeral was in progress but was not in a position to say anything further.

In a Facebook post former agriculture minister Devant Maharaj wrote that Khan who had several heart attacks over the years was pronounced dead at San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) on December 26.

He indicated that Khan was taken to the SFGH by ambulance after suffering another heart attack.

Upon his arrival his heart reportedly stopped beating and he was officially pronounced dead at 9.15 pm.

Some 25 minutes later, it is reported that after his relatives had completed signing official documents for his body to be transferred to the morgue, Khan woke up. He was subsequently able to speak and move his hands and feet.

However, Maharaj said Khan who was diagnosed with three clogged arteries, died on Friday while waiting to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“Khan drove himself and sold curtain rods from a grapes box on High Street, San Fernando for this Christmas season,” Maharaj said.

At the age of 10, Khan, who was the eldest child for his parents, dropped out of school to sell in the market so he could help take care of his siblings. He grew up in San Fernando.

The South West Regional Health Authority in a Facebook post said the report was “an inaccurate account of an acute situation.”