Over 200 Elderly Treated By Sandals Foundation & GARP 

    Two hundred and twenty- five elderly persons were well treated to a warm healthy meal recently, compliments of Sandals Foundation and the network of the Grenada Association of Retired Persons (GARP). 

    GARP headquarters on Kirani James Boulevard served as the distribution point where generous volunteers collected meals to be personally delivered. 

    Aproniano Agad, Executive Sous Chef of Sandals Grenada Resort, otherwise called Chef Jhun said his team of chefs were delighted at the opportunity to use their skills to assist.

    “Throughout the year we do plenty of outreach from the resort, but this was an extra special occasion for me and the team. The extra ingredient of love was added to every dish served here today”. 

    Similarly, for the wider circle of Sandals’ volunteers, the occasion held a special sentiment; “People often say the fun and joy of Christmas is for children, but we cannot forget our duty to our elders, they too need that spark of joy and hope. This is more than just offering meals; building strong, connected, united community bonds is such an important cornerstone of any peace- filled and advancing community,” shared Deleon Forrester, Public Relations Manager of Sandals Grenada Resort.

    Forrester noted that this is not the first collaboration between Sandals and GARP alluding to further partnerships in the coming year.

    “This event is our largest collaborative initiative so far with GARP and we have already begun work on projects for 2020. They have our support as we continue to be of service.”

    Carol Vazquez, President of Grenada Resident of Retired Persons (GARP) thanked all her members, administration staff, volunteers and the Sandals Foundation for this worthy collaboration.

    According to Vazquez, the gesture was well received, “GARP received numerous compliments from the recipients, who expressed how delicious and nourishing their meals were.  Over the years we have seen a marked increase in the number of retirees who are in desperate need and who live with the harsh reality of food insecurities every single day.  This is why this collaboration is so necessary and well received.”

    Volunteer, Debra Gilchrist joined the initiative and aided in delivering meals to thirteen persons as part of her outreach for the season. 

    “This makes me feel like Christmas.  I decided this would be a nice way to do something good for the elderly because so often we tend to forget them. My mother lives with me so I know firsthand the need to do things for them, or simply offer emotional support or your presence. They just need to know that people love them and care about them.”