Breaking: 6 Boys Escape From Grand Bacolet Juvenile Center

Six residents of the Grand Bacolet Juvenile Rehabilitation and Treatment Center escaped from the institution today. Reports are that suspicions were raised, Monday night, when the boys boarded a bus heading to St. George’s and turned off the house light. A passenger was able to identify two of the boys and immediately alerted the authorities via a phone call.

The boys, who were mostly young offenders, were dropped off at the St. David police station moments after being picked up on the Eastern Mainroad

According to a source, the boys were carrying clothes in pillowcases and were behaving suspiciously. Some of the boys were also barefooted.

The juvenile center, which was opened in 2016, serves as an institution that houses disadvantaged youth and those coming into conflict with the law, in an effort to have them rehabilitated and reintegrated into society.