Traffic Arrangements For the Town Of Grenville For Saturday 21st And Tuesday 24th December, 2019


All vehicles travelling from Paradise area into the town of Grenville will:

  • Turn right unto Hills View Road then a left unto Wells Road, Chapel Road and Seaton James Street, then turn left unto Sendall Street or Right unto Gladstone Road.
  • Gladstone Road is one-way towards Grand Bras.


  • The following areas will be closed to all vehicular traffic in the direction indicated by the sign “NO ENTRY”:
  • At the Junction of Salisbury and Gladstone Road.
  • At the junction of Gladstone and Seaton James.
  • From the first bi- road Forde Junction unto Salisbury Road (Smith’s Wood workshop.
  • Hills View Road unto Salisbury Road.
  • Chapel Road unto Salisbury Road.
  • The intersection of Salisbury Road and Hills Road.


  • All vehicular traffic proceeding from Salisbury Road will turn left onto the intersection of Hills Road onto Forde junction and take a right onto Canal Road junction.
  • Vehicles proceeding from Chapel Road (close to the Methodist School) take a left unto Ben Jones Street and proceed out unto Canal Road.


  • All vehicular traffic proceeding from the direction of the Eastern Main Road (Soubise) into the town of Grenville. Motorist can make a left or right turn at the intersection of Sendall Street and Jubilee Street and exit the town.
  • Zone nine (9) buses plying the route of Paradise, Tivoli Etc. will turn right unto Ben Jones Street and exit the town on Carnal Road.


  • To maintain the free flow of traffic in and out of the town of Grenville “NO PARKING” signs will be erected along Sendall Street.


The following areas will be allocated for parking to motoring public;

  • Right hand side of road ONLY along Seaton James Street in the direction of Gladstone Road.
  • Right hand side of road ONLY along Gladstone Road after the Kalico Supermarket in the direction of Grand Bras.
  • Along the Eastern Main Road (Long Wall Area) on the left hand side ONLY in the direction of Soubise after “HOT SPOT” Supermarket.
  • Junction off Canal Road after ARIZA on the right hand side of road in the direction of Canal Junction.


Seaton Browne and George Victoria Streets will be closed to vehicular traffic.

NB: NO Trailer Trucks will be allowed within the town of Grenville on Saturday 21st and Tuesday 24th December, 2019.