Jamaica: Owner Wants Church Off Her Land After Deacon Charged With Rape

(JAMAICA STAR) – A property owner in Hanover has signalled her intention to lock down a church that is sitting on her property.

Dotty Thomas said she made the decision to order the church members off her land after its deacon was arrested last week for allegedly sexually assaulting minors.

“Mi madda use to run a church here before shi dead, and after shi dead, a pastor start use the place,” Thomas stated. “But since then a pure different pastor a cum up yah, an seet deh now, dis yah last one do this … but no more not coming here. This church must be locked, and mi a tek back mi land spot.”

The church leader, who ministers at the Mount Ephraim True Fellowship also called the Zion True Fellowship, was arrested last Monday after a team of policemen reportedly saw him beating a young girl in the community. The girl reportedly told the police that the man has a sexual relationship with her.


The Hanover police last week charged the church leader with seven counts of rape.

While the matter is yet to be mentioned in court, the residents in the Hanover community say they have become increasingly uncomfortable with the practices at the church.

“As soon as dem lock up the deacon, sum woman from Bay cum yah … dem bruck ova a hundred bottle, and a chant and a do all sort a ting,” one resident said.

Meanwhile, the deacon who is at the centre of the investigations is said to have joined the church recently. At least one former member of the church described him as a good man.

“Sometimes him buy ice-cream fi all the children dem,” the resident said.