Trinidad: Couple Robs Bank, Leaves With $39,000 In New $100s A SAN Fernando couple was robbed of $39,000 of the new polymer notes on Thursday.

The robbery occurred around 3 p.m. minutes after the couple left a bank in Gulf View.

The couple were headed to their home, driving through Phillipine when they were attacked.

They had slowed down as they drove over a hump on the road when the thieves’ vehicle pulled alongside.

One of the occupants of the vehicle pointed a firearm at the couple and another grabbed the cash.

The thieves sped off and escaped in the adjoining streets.

And on Wednesday, a woman was robbed of an envelope containing more than $61,000 in San Fernando.

The robbery occurred at Lawrence Street at around 3.15 p.m.

Four hours later, the woman went to the San Fernando CID and reported the incident.

WPC DeBough is investigating the latter incident.

Senior Supt of Police of the Southern Police Division Wayne Mohammed appealed to members of the public to be more alert of their surroundings to and from banks.

Mohammed said that officers are officers are on the ground to assist and ensure the safety and security of citizens during this busy period, but they are also asking citizens to be be extra vigilant to avoid being targeted by thieves.

Mohammed said that if citizens suspect that they are being followed by criminals, they should drive to the nearest police station and seek assistance.

He also advised business people to avoid large carrying around large sums of cash, and said that they should make payments of salaries and other transactions via banking accounts or cheques.