Statement By The National Democratic Congress On The Announced Closure Of Business By Andall & Associates

The National Democratic Congress has received with deep concern, the abrupt announcement by the owners of Andall & Associates that all its business operations will be closed with immediate effect. Based on the release from the company and the Government’s response, it appears that both sides are ignoring the plight of over 200 hundred workers and their families.

The NDC is aware that the issue of businesses owing back taxes is not a new one, and the situation would no doubt have worsened in recent times. While in office, our policy was to work out payment plans with delinquent taxpayers, especially those who employ our people. Our policy was to ensure that not one job was lost because an employer was over burdened with taxes. We believe everyone must not only survive, but thrive. Hence, in addition to working out payment plans, we also granted a tax amnesty in 2009-2011 to all taxpayers, waiving interest and penalties. This created a win-win situation for Government and taxpayers. We now commend this model to Government.

We stand in solidarity with the workers of Andall & Associates and call on Government and the company to speedily resolve this untenable situation so that the company can resume operations and the workers return to work, especially as we are in this festive season.