Traffic Delay Due To Heavy Rainfall

    The Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force wishes to inform the motoring public that due to the heavy rainfall which has further compromised the broken road at Marrast Hill public way the use of the said road has been limited to accommodate only load bearing vehicles.

    All other vehicles are therefore advised to use alternative routes to get to their destinations.

    The motoring public is also informed that Mortley Hill road will temporarily operate as a one-way traffic with vehicles allowed to only travel in the direction of Mortley Hill road from its intersection with River Road public road.

    No vehicle will be allowed to enter the Mortley Hill road from the Lucas Street end. 

    The Traffic Department further advises that delay in traffic is to be expected during rush hour in the affected area and that extreme caution should be exercised by motorists traveling along Marrast Hill road.

    This traffic arrangement will remain in effect until the completion of repair work by the Ministry of Infrastructure, who has given the assurance that the commencement of same will be done in short order.

    The Traffic Department apologizes for any convenience caused and looks forward to the cooperation of general public.