TAMCC Workers Call In Sick, Futher Crippling The Operations Of The Institution

According to a source close to the TA Marryshow Community College, Workers at the College called in sick today crippling the operations of the instution for the last 11 days.

Affected areas include the Administration building, IT Departament, Records Office, Library and the various schools and offices.
Last Friday grades were due but  they were not handed in by the Lecturers.
Registration for the new school is scheduled for this week but this is also affected.
According to the source, the campus has not been cleaned for days.
The Chairman of the Council met with the unions and asked the workers to forego the 2015 payment. This was rejected on the grounds that it’s increments that were long overdue.
Workers at the college say they are staying off the job today and tomorrow if they dont received any word from the  Chairman.
Industrial actions also affected the operations at St. Patrick’s no one showed up as well as Carriacou where there were only 3 people.