Man Kills Himself After Suffering Months-Long Toothache

    (THE SUN-UK) — A man hanged himself after suffering months of an agonizing toothache, his mother said in court.

    Anthony Hoskins, 38, was found dead in his Southampton, England, flat on April 3.

    He was on the waiting list to have his wisdom teeth removed – but downed painkillers and whiskey every night to help him sleep through the pain.

    His mom, Shirley, said he’d “had enough of the pain” just weeks before he died, testifying in Winchester Coroner’s Court heard.

    She said: “Anthony was just a normal man who got on with life.

    “He enjoyed playing computer games and had no financial problems. His rent was always paid, along with other utilities and he would see me weekly.

    “Anthony is at rest now and will not suffer any more pain. The really sad thing is that it cost me almost the same amount of money to pay for his death that it would have to have private dental treatment.”

    A bank receipt found near his body revealed he was overdrawn by £3,000 ($3,890) and had begged his bosses for more overtime.

    Officer Simon Collins said at the hearing cops forced entry into Hoskins’ one-bed flat after his worried mom said she had not heard for him for a few days.

    Acting area coroner Samantha Marsh recorded a conclusion of suicide.