Trinidad: Man Saves Himself From Being Killed By Playing Dead A 27-year-old estate constable is alive today because he played dead after a would-be killer shot at him while in the washroom at work on Tuesday.

Police said the victim “was using the washroom” when a gunman accosted him.

The gunman ordered him to kneel on the ground then tied him up with shoe laces. Saying he came “to kill” the victim, the gunman turned off the light, fired but missed his intended target.

The report said the estate constable fell down, pretending to be shot, and the gunman ran. Co-workers were alerted and untied the officer and contacted South Western Division police.

Sgt Ramsingh, Cpl Thompson and other police from La Brea CID searched for the assailant. Police found a spent shell and a live rounds of .9 mm ammunition.

Up to yesterday, the gunman was not arrested.

Cpl Thompson is leading the investigation.