Jamaica: Man Said He Was Attacked By Ghost After He Cheated On His Wife

(JAMAICA STAR) — It can be all fun and games giving ‘bun’, but this can quickly turn into nightmare for your spouse finds out. Denis Hunt said that a ghost made him give up all his ‘buning’ secrets some 20 years ago.

“Mi have a friend weh mi and him usually walk and go look woman, so him reach weh fi him woman deh and mi gone a my other woman. Inna the morning now, me a go back home to my original woman and mi a pass him (his friend) yaad gate and mi see smady inna white, so mi have wah flashlight and mi go tun on the flashlight cause mi seh a me friend.

“So mi tun on the light pan him and him tep off a the verandah and a come to me. Mi just feel mi body start grow and swell up. And when mi nuh see nuh head, mi realise seh a wah ghost a come to me,” Hunt said.

Hunt, a resident of Chesterfield, St Mary, said that while growing up, he was told that if he spots a ghost he should curse it so that it goes away.

“Mi affi get mad and start gwan wid a ol heap a sup’m and a galang. Mi affi seh, ‘I rebuke you in the name of God. Depart from me, you dead.’ After mi a gwane wid a hol heap a things, the spirit just tun off and gane.

“A bad mi a bad enuh, because mi have mi woman a yaad and mi gane gi har bun and if she never gi mi the light, ghost would a kill mi off inna the night, because mi nuh usually walk with light,” he said.

Fearing for his life and feeling the guilt about his infidelity, Hunt quickly journeyed home and confessed his sins to his woman. Unfortunately, the sympathy that he was seeking from here did not come to be.

“Now mi go ova and a tell my woman wah happen, and all she seh is, ‘It should a kill you.’”