Elderly Woman Charged After Hugging Her Imprisoned Son

guardian.co.tt- A 73-year-old fe­male pen­sion­er has been grant­ed bail af­ter be­ing charged with in­ter­fer­ing with a pris­on­er, as­sault­ing and ob­struct­ing a po­lice­man.

The el­der­ly woman claimed all she did was hug her son.

Mar­i­lyn Dil­lon of Bayshore, Mara­bel­la, who spent a night in cus­tody was grant­ed her own bail in the sum of $2,000 on Tues­day.

She plead­ed guilty to in­ter­fer­ing with pris­on­er Kie Joseph.

She told San Fer­nan­do Se­nior Mag­is­trate Jo-Anne Con­nor that she missed her son who is in cus­tody on a mur­der charge.

“That is my son. I hugged him. I haven’t seen him in a long while so I hugged him.” How­ev­er, she de­nied ob­struct­ing and as­sault­ing po­lice con­sta­ble Boodoo in the ex­e­cu­tion of his du­ties.

The in­ci­dent took place on Mon­day morn­ing while the pris­on­ers were be­ing es­cort­ed from the prison van to the San Fer­nan­do High Court.

Dil­lon claimed she had no pre­vi­ous run-ins with the law. Dil­lon’s son, Joseph, al­so ap­peared in the same court charged with as­sault­ing PC Boodoo in the ex­e­cu­tion of his du­ty.

He plead­ed not guilty and ques­tioned how he could have as­sault­ed the of­fi­cer with a chain around his waist. The mag­is­trate trans­ferred both mat­ters to the Third Court for Oc­to­ber 29.