Trinidad: Soldier Shot By Cop Over WPC A REGIMENT soldier who has a three-year-old daughter with a woman police constable was shot by the woman’s current boyfriend, who is also a police constable.

The incident occurred in Brazil Village on Sunday in what police described as a dispute over the WPC.

Police said that around 3.30 p.m., PC Miguel Browne, 30, and his girlfriend, WPC Sherril Phillip, 25, were heading north along Brazil-Lome Branch Trace in Browne’s car when another car driven by the 30-year-old soldier was seen speeding towards them.

Police said the soldier’s car, a Nissan Wingroad registered as a taxi, came out of a side street, turned and sped towards the PC’s car, a Nissan Sylphy.

Both drivers then stopped their cars just before they collided.

The soldier got out his car, armed himself with a cutlass and approached Browne’s car.

When he got close he swung the cutlass, hitting Browne’s driver’s side wing mirror.

He then raised the cutlass and struck the mirror again. He attempted to swing the cutlass a third time when PC Browne drew his licensed pistol and fired two shots at the soldier.

Browne then got out his car and ran to the bleeding soldier who got up, went into his car and drove off.

Browne reported the incident to Arima police who found out where the soldier was and picked him up at a bar opposite King Street in Brazil Village.

The soldier was taken to the Arima Hospital and, after being attended to, he was taken to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope, where he was in stable condition up to last night.