Trinidad: Cop Beats Cop In Police Station A police constable remained warded at hospital yesterday after he was “badly beaten” by another officer at the Maloney Police Station yesterday morning. The officer who carried out the attack was said to have been “highly intoxicated” when he arrived at the station to pick up duty some five hours late. Sources said the police corporal was supposed to have reported for duty at 7 p.m. but did not arrive at the station until closer to midnight.

While there, he and the constable became involved in a verbal argument around 2 a.m. resulting in the corporal launching a physical attack on the junior officer beating him about the body including the head and face.

Other officers eventually intervened and separated the two. The constable was taken to a medical institution for treatment while the corporal was place in a cell to “cool off” the source said. Senior officers at the station were said to have been investigating the incident.