Inter-American Cooperation On Agriculture Conducts Official Visit To Grenada


Ministry of Agriculture & Lands – As the Inter-American Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)  continues to support Grenada, talks are ongoing on additional support and modernization of  the Agricultural sector.

 A two member delegation from IICA on   mission here in Grenada from September 11th – 13th 2019,  met with the Ministers  and Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs  respectively.

 Following a meeting with Minister of Agriculture and Lands, Hon .Yolande Bain Horsford on Thursday 12th,September; the  delegation comprising of Ms. Beverly Best, IICA’s Director of External and Institutional Relations and  Mr. Gregg Rawlins, IICA’s Representative in the Eastern Caribbean (ECS) accompanied by  Mr. Derek Charles, IICA’s National Specialist in Grenada visited the Mirabeau Abattoir, a facility that IICA has been offering technical support.

The mission allowed the organization to get a better understanding of the challenged being faced in the agricultural sector in Grenada and visualize the significance of the contributions to the Abattoir, this is according to Ms. Beverly Best, IICA’s Director of External and Institutional Relations. 

“The visit was to meet with our key partners within the government of Grenada, with a view to understand the critical  issues facing Grenada. IICA sees itself as an integral partner to the Agricultural sector. For IICA we see ourselves not as a donor agencies but rather a technical institution. We have provided some support to this abattoir, as one of the initiatives that we have made a commitment to keep supporting.”

Mr. Gregg Rawlins, IICA’s Representative in the Eastern Caribbean (ECS), based in St. Lucia, foresees that the abattoir is significant to the augmented production of livestock.

“I think the abattoir here is in fairly good shape. It is a facility that would allow for the expansion of the  livestock industry here in Grenada. There is still a need for more work to be done; which is what IICA is doing, working with the Ministry of Agriculture and other agencies,  to see how we can get this facility to a point where it would be state of the art and serve as a basis for the increase in the production of livestock.”

Livestock and Veterinary officer Dr. Kimond Cummings expressed the Ministry’s Gratitude for IICA’s continuous support.

“I want to say thank you to Ms. Best and Mr. Rawlins, for the visit today. As we continue to work with IICA, we are happy to have these two delegates from IICA. The  mission gives a real time perspective of what we have been doing here at the abattoir, so the organization would have an appreciation of how much we have been doing.”

Earlier in June of this year, IICA facilitated an assessment of the equipment at the facility and exposed several  workers at the abattoir to safety regulations. Staff was also trained staff in food safety standards. 

IICA has been involved with this project since 2018, when a request was made by the Ministry of Agriculture for technical support. The Organization which has 34 offices around the world, imparts knowledge and experiences in these member states.