Trinidad: More Murders Than 2018: Two More Gunned Down BETWEEN Tuesday afternoon and yesterday morning two men were murdered in separate incidents in North Trinidad.

The 2019 murder toll totalled 374 up to last night while the toll at this time last year was 369.

The first, a man visiting his girlfriend in Arouca on Tuesday afternoon, was ambushed, shot and killed by gunmen.

Police said around 4 p.m. Roger Gulston, who lived at Kingbird Drive, Arouca, was at his girlfriend’s home at Kiskadee Crescent, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, when two gunmen ran up to him.

Gulston and the woman tried to escape by running into her house but the gunmen ran after them and opened fire on him as he was cornered. The gunmen ran out the house and escaped.

Gulston died on the scene. His girlfriend called the police, who recovered five spent 9mm shells on the scene.

The other murder occurred in Morvant. Police said around 6 a.m. yesterday neighbours of Quammie Duncan heard approximately five gunshots coming from his Chinapoo Road, Morvant, home.

Duncan’s neighbours later checked on him, but he was barely alive when they took him to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where 15 minutes after arriving he died.

Police said Duncan was not known to them.

Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations into both incidents.