Man Commits Suicide After Reportedly Forcing Wife, Child To Drink Poison A man has committed suicide after forcing his child and estranged wife to drink a poisonous substance, Police, neighbours and relatives suspect.

The man has been identified as Balkaran Persaud, 57.

The incident occurred about 10:00hrs Monday at Martyr’s Ville, Mon Repos on the East Coast of Demerara.

Neighbours were alerted to the bizarre tragedy after hearing the woman, Kavita, screaming out for help.

When a neighbor rushed over, the man, woman and their child showed signs of suspected poisoning.

The woman was in yard while the three-year-old Saraswattie Persaud baby was lying in the bed. Persaud was in the house.

Once neighbours arrived, the Police were summoned and the three were rushed to the hospital.

Persaud wad pronounced dead while the mother and baby are receiving treatment.

Neighbours said the woman had separated from Persaud and lived a short distance away. However, she would show up at the house in the morning to get the child ready for school and would leave the child at a neighbour’s house.

Persaud, a taxi driver, would then take the child to school.

It is unclear at this time what triggered the early morning tragedy.