Trinidad: Man Committed For Killing Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend A-20-YEAR-OLD man has been committed to stand trial for last year’s murder of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

Tevin Gibson, of St Croix Road, Princes Town, had been before senior magistrate Jo-Anne Connor in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court, for the murder on June 12, in which he is alleged to have shot dead Darren Carter, 39, of Manahambre Road, Princes Town.

State attorney Selwyn Richardson, who prosecuted, tendered 30 witness statements and submitted that the case against Gibson was pursued via paper committal.

The murder charge stemmed from an incident in which Carter was at the home of his ex-girlfriend. The woman had subsequently started a relationship with Gibson.

The charge is that Gibson entered the apartment, there was an argument and he is alleged to have shot Carter several times.

Gibson was arrested and charged by WPC Liselle Serioux of the Homicide Bureau (Region 3)

Attorney Jayanti Lutchmedial, who represented Gibson, cross-examined prosecution witnesses Precious Mitchell and Leann Huggins.

Connor found that the prosecution had made out a prima-facie case, and told Gibson he was committed to stand trial at the next sitting of the assizes. He was remanded into custody.