Trinidad: Fisherman Charged With Beating Wife’s Female Lover A CHARLIEVILLE fisherman who has been charged with allegedly assaulting his wife’s lesbian lover after he found out about the extramarital affair.

The 48 year old man, of Colahal Road, Charlieville, was charged with the offence of assault occasioning bodily harm.

He was charged by PC Backan of the Chaguanas CID and was expected to appear before a Chaguanas Magistrate.

The fisherman’s wife, who was also allegedly beaten, is yet to give police a statement on the incident.

Police said she left the hospital before receiving treatment, therefore officers do not have a record of her injuries.

The incident occurred on July 27 at the fisherman’s house.

Police said when the 43 year old wife allegedly confessed to a lesbian relationship the husband flew into a rage.

The wife called her lover who then went to the couple’s house.

Police said the suspect beat the lover with his fists and a cutlass, police said.

The wife and her 47 year old lover went to the Chaguanas police station that night and reported the incident to police.

Officers took both women to the Chaguanas District Health Facility and they were transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Police said the lover was treated for a fractured jaw, perforated eye ball, sliced tongue and dislodged teeth.

She has since been discharged from hospital.

Police said the husband also went to the Chaguanas District Health Facility on the night of the incident.

He allegedly told officers that his wife’s lover chopped him with a cutlass on the arm and finger.

He received three stitches to the finger and five stitches to the arm.

Police said the lover may also be charged with assault of the fisherman.