Jamaican Immigrant & Ex-sailor Sentenced For Lying About Husband’s US Citizenship To Steal Almost $140,000 In Benefits

VIRGINIA, United States (AP) — A former sailor has been sentenced to five months in prison for stealing nearly $140,000 from the federal government by falsely claiming her husband lived in New York.

Camesha Walters was a petty officer third class living in Norfolk. Her husband was a foreign national living in Bangladesh.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that to increase her take-home pay, Walters told the Navy her husband was a US citizen living in Brooklyn, so she needed larger housing and cost-of-living allowances to support him.

Special Assistant US Attorney David Layne said Walters was not entitled to the inflated allowances because her husband never lived in Brooklyn.

Walters’ lawyer said that Walters is a Jamaican immigrant who worked hard to become a US citizen.

She pleaded guilty in April and was sentenced Friday.