Guyanese Woman Charged With Misbehaviour On Flight A Guyanese woman appeared before magistrate Cheron Raphael in the Arima Magistrates’ First Court yesterday charged with misbehaviour while on a flight to Trinidad.

The magistrate read the charge that on July 20, Sylvanie Roxanne Shivnarine behaved in a manner which caused annoyance to passengers on flight BW457 after being requested to cease such behaviour.

Shivnarine was not called upon to plead, as the charge was laid indictably.

Raphael said as Shivnarine was taken off the flight and did not pass through this country’s Immigration, she could not grant her bail, and she will have to be processed by Immigration first.

She was remanded in custody and was taken to the Women’s Prison. She will return to court on Thursday.

As she waited to be taken away Shivnarine was visibly upset and was seen weeping and looking around the courtroom as if searching for something or someone.