Infant Dies After Stepping Into Path Of Pick-Up Truck Two-year-old Amara Reason has died.

The infant was struck by a vehicle on Saturday morning along La Retreat Road, Arima.

Since then, she had been warded in a critical condition at the Mt Hope Hospital.

She died at about 2.50a.m. today.

Police were told that the incident took place at about 10.15a.m. on Saturday along La Retreat Road, Arima.

The 29-year-old driver told police that he was in driving along in his Nissan Frontier when he saw a group of pedestrians standing on the pavement.

A toddler suddenly stepped into the roadway and was hit by the pick up truck.

She was being treated for haemorrhaging to the brain, a broken collar bone, two fractures of the vertebral column, two lacerations to the liver and multiple abrasions about her body.

This incident came just days after two-year-old Terracina Ariel Meena Moonilal was killed after she was run over by a truck.

The toddler manoeuvred her way around a barrier, ran out onto the road and into the path of a truck, which had stopped infront of the home to ask for directions along Old Agua Santa Road, Wallerfield.

Baby Terracina was laid to rest yesterday.