Father, Daughter Gunned Down In Trinidad

trinidadexpress.com- A father and daughter were shot and killed at a house in Aranguez on Wednesday night.

Dead are Elliot Veerasammy, 62, and Sarah Veerasammy, 32.

The killings happened at a house at Williams Street.

At least 20 shots were fired at the father and daughter. Both died on their living room couch.

In January this year, Elliot’s Veerasammy’s brother Rodney was sentenced to four years in prison for assaulting Elliot in 2008.

According to the facts of the case, Rodney Veerasammy had breached a restraining order and barged into his brother’s house and assaulted him.

The brother’s dispute was over a property left them in San Juan , where Veerasammy got the smaller house to the back of the property and his brother the larger house.

In passing sentence, Justice St Clair-Douglas said he was hopeful that the brothers could have settled the issue amicably but Veerasammy had refused and even continued being aggressive towards the man.

The judge said Veerasammy did not seem to appreciate the seriousness of the offence he committed and further to that, has shown a complete lack of remorse for his actions.

“It is a sad day when brothers can’t resolve their differences like brothers ought to,” said the judge.

He said an appropriate sentence for such an offence was six years’ but because he pleaded guilty, Rodney was entitled to a one-third discount, leaving him four years’ to serve.